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So You Know You Can’t Dance: Nicky Jam Teaches Reggaeton Seduction with ‘El Perdón’

viernes, octubre 2nd, 2015


Nicky Jam teaches Billboard Pop Shop editor Jason Lipshutz how to dance in “So You Know You Can’t Dance.”

I don’t know how to dance — but I’m ready to learn. Watch the reggaeton star teach me the art of seduction with his smash hit.

Welcome to the latest installment of So You Know You Can’t Dance,’s web series in which music’s biggest stars teach me, the Most Awkward Dancer Alive, some of their moves. On this week’s episode, Latin music superstar Nicky Jam stops by to teach me how to dance to his crossover hit “El Perdón” — and find a lady in the club in the process. Watch the video tutorial, and try to follow along with the (sort of) sexy moves!

Nicky Jam has taken “El Perdón,” his recent collaboration with Enrique Iglesias, to the top of the charts across the globe —the song moves to No. 58 on this week’s Hot 100 chart — and he has taken the hit to Billboard to help me with my sexy club dances. Although he didn’t appreciate my Matrix references, he at least helped me with the “package” in my pocket. Pretzels for all!

Check back with Billboard over the next few weeks for more So You Know You Can’t Dance episodes, and watch Nicky Jam’s “El Perdón” below!